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Emiliya Suki
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'Sup dudes and dudettes! I am the one known as Gash-chan. But y'all can call me whatever you'd like! ^-^ If you prefer you can just call me Emiliya. :)

Peace out, dudes and dudettes! :peace: Live long and prosper.

Peace and long life. :heart:

Current Residence: The Satellite XD
Favorite photographer: My uncle
Skin of choice: ... I, uh... like my skin... it's very skin-like... and on me...
Personal Quote: Never give up... no matter what life throws your way!


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  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: ''Lullaby'' by Nickelback
  • Drinking: H2O
This has gotta be the first time I've logged into dA two days in a row as of late... ^^; And oddly enough as soon as I cleared out my inbox (which I didn't completely do last night) I started feeling drowsy... really drowsy. So I'm going to focus on writing this out as best as I can, then go to sleep! ;A;

So... not to focus on the negatives, but, there still has been a lot of familial stuff going on with us lately. With everything that went on with my grandfather and when I had the flu earlier this year, a few things slipped through the cracks when I focused on informing you guys about what happened in the first place.

One of my mother's cousins passed away; my nephew Colin had to get a cast on his arm from chipping his elbow; my grandmother's been having on and off health problems that forced her to retire (which she knew she would have to do sooner or later, and decided not to prolong it after missing over two months of work); about a week ago one of my mom's other cousins called to tell her his sister, also her cousin, has breast cancer; the day before Mother's Day my brother Danny was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia so severe he was there for ten days and they had to operate to drain the fluid around his lungs...

... I swear, so much negativity happening all at once, it feels like my family's life would make for a soap opera, albeit a bit eccentric and boring one.

This year... seriously, this year can suck on my metaphorical balls. If the rest of it sucks as much as the first half of it has, then karma better give us a damn good one next year!

Don't get me wrong, I try not to focus on all of the negatives in life. As I've said before, I don't like posting every detail about every moment of every day of my life online. But after all of the :shithappens: going on with us, you'd think life would give us a break.

But there's still some good things... more far and fewer between then they used to be, but there's still some things.

Last year, my sister in-law's brother got married, and a few months ago found out he and his wife are expecting a baby. When we saw them on Memorial Day, they told us it's going to be a girl which I will LOVE. (My mom had all brothers and I have all brothers, and I only have ONE girl cousin! T.T Even if she won't be directly related to me I'll be happy to have another girl in the familia! ^w^ )

Jesse finished his classes a few months ago and has been interning at a dental practice for his class credits. He graduates in July as a full-fledged dental assistant.

The manager who hired my father at his job about two years ago is leaving, and they're promoting my dad to manager to replace him! Which means less back-breaking press work, and better pay and better hours for him.

Justin told me he knows someone who works at a store nearby our house (literally up the hill and around a corner, WALKING DISTANCE that's how close by it is) who may have some pull into getting me a job there soon. HOPEFULLY. Fingers crossed! They have a written application I just need to pick up some time soon.

A little further into the future, coming up soon is not only ConnectiCon, but my 22nd birthday. I'm looking forward to both! Especially since ConnectiCon always falls before my birthday and is pretty much my birthday present every year. I love how that happens. :meow:

I mentioned it last night but the voice actor for Japan from Hetalia is going, meaning I'll have another signature on my bandanna soon! ^.^

I'll most likely be going as casual!Canada... since it seems like I won't be getting a coat for it any time soon. T.T But I might mix it up a little too.

I had a little idea to combine my two favorite cosplays, Canada and my Ouran uniform, since Hunny is my most favorite cosplay... but my wig NEEDS replacement, PERIOD. I seriously refuse to wear it again until I get a new one.

So I thought it might be a little different to dress up as Canada in an Ouran uniform, sort of like Gakuen Canada, but as a fictional Ouran Canada instead. I'd have my Kumajiro too, if that might make it more obvious.

But since the con also takes place during the summer, I might just go as casual!Canada, since whenever I wear my Ouran cosplay to a convention I get rather warm and I'm not keen on getting dehydrated at conventions.

Semi-related... if I have enough money after the con, there's something I want to get for my birthday.


I know it seems like I already have a million plushies, but... I've really wanted that dango for a long time now. The pink one with the blush is my favorite! I am planning on handmaking some of my own dangos, but... I don't have money for pink material, and probably won't be able to make one that big for a while without screwing it up.

I THINK I covered everything I wanted to cover... but I probably forgot a thing or two. If I remember something I'll let you guys know if it's important enough.

It's been a long year for my family and I so far... I just hope it can get better from here.

Thanks for reading... hope I didn't ramble too much.

Ugh... I am so tired... took me an hour to write this all out. DX I need my bed now...

Thanks again, and good night.Little Pixel Heart

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