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Emiliya Suki
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'Sup dudes and dudettes! I am the one known as Gash-chan. But y'all can call me whatever you'd like! ^-^ If you prefer you can just call me Emiliya. :)

Peace out, dudes and dudettes! :peace: Live long and prosper.

Peace and long life. :heart:

Current Residence: The Satellite XD
Favorite photographer: My uncle
Skin of choice: ... I, uh... like my skin... it's very skin-like... and on me...
Personal Quote: Never give up... no matter what life throws your way!


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  • Mood: Christmas Spirited
  • Listening to: ''All Alone On Christmas''
  • Reading: The Adventures of Sue and Kathryn!
  • Watching: How I Met Your Mother
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Hey guys... I know I've REALLY been pushing to find sales with my sales journal for the past few weeks, but that's just because I really thought I could make some sort of a difference in my family's holiday this year... it's not easy, looking for a job all year and still coming up short year after year. Anything to help us out even a little bit... especially when unexpectedly my mother's car broke down and it took over 800 dollars to get fixed. Of course my great aunt gives us money every Christmas and gave us extra this time (my parents NEVER tell me how much she gives to us for the holidays... Justin says somewhere around 1,000 but I don't know for sure) but still even with that and the unexpected expense, we couldn't even afford a Christmas tree this year. And my parents told us out-right how much they could spend on each of us this year, for me they'd already spent it and I'm ending up with only one present. Frankly, I'm perfectly fine with it though! It doesn't matter how much you get. Presents are nice, but, I love the holidays because it brings my family together.

Anyways... that was why I've been trying so hard to sell something. In fact if I had been able to sell everything or almost everything, I was going to tell my parents I would buy our Christmas tree and some of the presents Jack and Colin asked for. (I am SO PROUD OF MY NEPHEWS. They're turning into nerds!! They like Pokemon and Justin and Jesse gave them some of their old cards and Jack out-right asked me for a Pikachu plushie. Since boys will be boys I was going to get one for Colin too because with two boys you need to get two of everything so they don't fight over it.)

I wanted to do something to help my family when we needed it... but it bums me out that no one could even think about buying anything from me. Hopefully some time soon better luck and karma will be on our side though... Momma always tells me that everything happens for a reason. So I guess even this has?...

Now then, to transition away from the serious life update.

My family may not be able to afford to get a real tree this year, but, we have an artificial one in the attic that we can put up. Momma won it in a raffle at work a few years ago. It's not huge and the fullest looking thing, but it'll help things look a little more Christmasy here. Thanks to New England weather, we haven't had... snow, per se. We've had freezing rain. Slush in some areas. So it doesn't feel Christmasy because there's no white around here, even with the fact it can drop down into the 20's at night. I swear, it sort of feels like the Snow Miser's been around here... minus the snow.

:XD: Yeah... I watched The Year Without A Santa Claus last night and now I have those songs suck in my head... they're so catchy!

Anyways... I started writing a Christmas-related short story I got an idea for when I was watching The Polar Express, but... I dunno if I'll finish it in time for Christmas or even post it when it's done. And there's a short story I started about a month ago as well that... yeah I haven't finished it yet either. ^^; I dunno if I'll end up posting it either.

Aside from that, not much progress in the writing department... I'm sort of procrastinating on my draft for my novel again. And trying to figure out if I want to end the first book after a certain dramatic event, but... I dunno it seems way too dickish to write something so cliff-hanger-y and cruel to leave at the end of a story. And I still need to get solid ideas what to do for the two books of the trilogy that will come after it... I really don't want to, but I might have to kill of a character I originally didn't plan on doing. But I'm pretty torn about it... one of these days I'll sit down and just try to focus on more proofreading and editing. Figure out how to write the chapter I've been stuck on for so long... maybe I need to move some things around? I dunno... I gotta buckle down on it though! I've been hoping for a while to share my first draft with my family when it's done. My dad actually keeps asking me how it's going because he's encouraging me to get my writing published one day, but... if I do, I think I'll want to have it self-published! :3

Besides my (fail)writing, my brother Jesse's birthday is coming up on Friday. Last year I made him a tiny dango, and... well, I'm thinking of trying to make my first bigger dango with my green fabric so I can make him one of Nagisa's dango plushies. I even have some old clothes I can take black fabric from (recycling, bitches! :D) to make the eyes so they don't have to be made out of marker like they were last year.

I know it might not come out great, and sewing it by hand will be a pain, but... well, he's my brother and we share a lot of the same interests. After all he's done for me this year (buying me passes for two conventions, lending me money so I could buy my Canada kitty plushie, getting me an England key-chain... just being the best big brother I could ever ask for) I figure a little blood, sweat and tears could be the least I could do for him. And maybe if I have enough stuffing leftover when I'm done with his dango, I was thinking of making one for Kaitlin, too, since her birthday was last Saturday. So they can have his and hers dangos. X3 Cute idea, right?

And as for videos... well, I have an idea for a Coco Kanade one I wanna do related to the holidays and Pokemon, MAYBE (a very soft maybe) a (VERY SHORT) holiday Canada cosplay video, and maybe if I feel like it... try making a Hetalia AMV for my old channel? I've missed making AMVs... it could be fun and I have a few ideas.

Hopefully if I can buckle down and concentrate on filming a toy review this weekend too, I'll have a Christmas-related plushie to review as well.

I swear... I am a procrastinating multi-tasker. I have all of these ideas and thoughts, but I never do anything with them... I have all of the ideas at the same time. ^^;

But! For now, I at least know one thing for sure I want to do tomorrow! And that's write out my Christmas cards! :) Even if I can't get my friends presents, I can write them little holiday notes (and draw fail little holiday drawings ^^; ) to let them know that I care.

And that... is about it for me. Thanks everyone for reading if you did! I appreciate it very much. Little Pixel Heart

Till next time, ja ne, minna-sama!~ :peace: Guten nacht.

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